A downloadable game for Windows

From 7 to 7, sit in the seat of everyone's favorite secretary. She works so hard, enrich your life by playing as her in this "simulation" type game.

It won't be easy. With a mountain of paperwork, and a list of names to call, you'll push your mental health to its limits. Taking a nap can help, but it might not be enough. Or, you might not get the work done in time. When these things happen, you may have only one place left to turn... but it won't come without a cost.

The 1.0 may be misleading. I don't really plan to be updating this, but should I need to because of some game breaking glitch or something, the option's there.

This was initially supposed to be my entry for Ludum Dare 44 (which you may have been able to suss out by playing), but in the end, I fell way short of completion by the deadline.

But hey, the point of Ludum Dare is to get creators to make games, and even though I didn't finish on time, I managed to complete this! And that's something I'm happy about.

Install instructions

I think it's clear that, using processing, I can only export to Windows. The last few links with Linux didn't work for anyone I asked.

Thus, if you run a Mac or Linux, sorry, you may be out of luck.


Secretary Simulator Win32.zip 4 MB
Secretary Simulator Win64.zip 73 MB


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The link to Secretary Simulator Win64.zip seems broken: 0 bytes.

Huh, guess it is. I'll fix it, give me a minute.